Community Infrastructure Levy

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) allows local authorities to raise funds from developers undertaking new building projects in their area.

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a charge collected from new developments. The CIL applies to all proposals that add 100m2 of new floorspace or an extra dwelling. This includes bringing a vacant building back into use. The amount to pay is the increase in floorspace (m2) multiplied by the rate in the CIL charging schedule. 

The money raised from the Community Infrastructure Levy pays for the infrastructure required to support development. This includes transport schemes, flood defences, schools, health and social care facilities, parks, open spaces and leisure centres.

Hillingdon's CIL

The London Borough of Hillingdon adopted its CIL Charging Schedule on 10 July 2014.

The provisions of the Charging Schedule and the Planning Obligations SPD applies to new development in the borough since 1 August 2014. The charges apply in addition to the Mayor of London's CIL, which has been applicable to new development since April 2012.

The statement below sets out how the Charging Schedule was amended in response to the modifications in the Examiner's Report issued to the council in February 2014.

A Consultation Statement and Adoption Statement for the Planning Obligations SPD was also approved by the council.

What does the levy fund?

While Hillingdon's CIL Charge is in effect, the council publishes a list setting out the strategic projects or types projects it intends to fund from the revenue raised from the charge. This list is known as the Document F – Regulation 123 list [68KB] . Any reviews to this list will be subject to public consultation.

Paying in instalments

The council has agreed an Document G - CIL Instalments Policy [87KB]  for the payment of CIL contributions.

Annual reports

Hillingdon council reports on Community Infrastructure Levy reciepts and expenditure each year.

The Mayor's CIL

The Mayor's CIL applies to all developments approved on or after 1 April 2012, which result in an increase in the gross internal floorspace of 100m² or more.

The liability payable will be equal to £35 per square metre. Further details, including the charging schedule, are available from the Greater London Authorities website.

Hillingdon council is a collecting authority for the Mayor of London. In order to discharge this duty, a Planning Application Additional Information Requirement form (linked below) will be required to accompany planning applications in the following instances:

  • where the proposal would result in a net increase in gross internal floor area of 100m² or more
  • where the proposal would create 1 or more residential units

It's essential to provide correct and accurate applicant details on planning application forms. This information will determine the persons liable to pay CIL. Applications not accompanied by the above information will not be validated or considered by the Local Planning Authority.

Note: this CIL liability will be over and above the planning obligations (s106) the council may seek from your scheme.

Page last updated: 19 Aug 2020