Housing benefits

Disagreeing with our decision

We will always tell you in writing the reasons for our decision on your benefit application.

If we are not going to pay you any benefit, we will tell you why and how we have worked it out. If you think that your housing benefit/council tax reduction calculation is wrong you can check what you are entitled to by checking our online benefit calculator.

Ask us for more information

If you want to know more about how your reduction has been worked out, please ask us and we will send you more details. You can email us at housingbenefits@hillingdon.gov.uk.

Ask us to look again at our decision

If you think your reduction is wrong or you do not agree with our decision, you can ask us to look again at how we have worked out your council tax reduction. This is sometimes called a review or reconsideration. You can complete a revision form online stating why you think we are wrong.

Request for a revision

You can also request an appeal if you wish your case to be heard by an independent tribunal.

Page last updated: 11 Feb 2020