Register a death

When someone dies, their death must be registered within five working days.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, deaths can only be registered via telephone. 

At the time of your appointment, the registrar will ring you and undertake the registration over the telephone. 

There will be no requirement for relatives to collect the Medical Cause of Death Certificate from the hospital, care home or GP. A scan of the signed certificate can be sent to the Registrar directly at

The green certificate for burial or cremation will be sent directly to the Funeral Director, crematorium or cemetary office.

Please contact the Register Office on 01895 250418 to ensure we have received the Medical Cause of  Death Certificate before booking your telephone appointment.

Make an appointment to register a death

Where to register

You should register the death at the register office in the borough where the death took place.

There is no charge to register a death.

Please note: Hillingdon's Register Office operates on an appointment only system.

If a doctor is unsure about the cause of death, or the death was caused by an injury or accident, they may not issue a medical certificate detailing the cause of death. In these cases, a coroner will carry out a post mortem. You will be unable to register the death until this has taken place. 

What information is required

At the appointment, you will be asked for your name and address. 

The registrar will need the following information about the person who has died: 

  • the date of their death and where the death occurred 
  • their full name, including any names previously used
  • their date of birth
  • where they were born
  • their occupation
  • the medical cause of death certificate from the doctor or hospital
  • the full name and occupation of any surviving spouse or civil partner

What documents are needed

You will need to take the medical certificate showing the cause of death to the appointment. 

It would also be useful to take the deceased person's:

  • birth certificate or passport
  • NHS medical card 
  • marriage/civil partnership certificate or divorce document
  • information or allowance received

Documents you will receive 

  • a certificate for burial or cremation, which should be given to the funeral director arranging the burial or cremation.
  • a certificate (form BD8) which is used for social security purposes. 
  • a copy of the death certificate, for a fee of £11 each.

Tell Us Once 

When someone dies you will need to notify a number of different government departments and local services with a lot of similar information. The Tell Us Once service makes this process much easier.

Tell Us Once

Page last updated: 21 Sep 2020