Buildings insurance

If you want to make a claim under the buildings insurance policy, you should contact Questgates Limited, who are the claims handlers for the buildings insurers.

Their phone number is 01204 860427.

You will need to give the policy number - 2019CP000106 - and your name and address.

If the claim is successful, you will need to pay the appropriate excess shown below:

  • water damage (for example, from burst pipes) - the first £100 for each claim
  • subsidence - the first £1,000 for each leaseholder
  • any other losses - the first £100 for each claim

Note: If you make a claim on the buildings insurance policy, then we may share any relevant information between ourselves, insurers, brokers and the claims handlers dealing with the claim.

The full terms and conditions may be found in the policy documents below.

Page last updated: 11 Jul 2019