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Repairs and maintenance

All non-essential large works have been deferred until further notice when normal service resumes. Until that time we will only be working toward emergency and urgent cover as detailed below.

We have issued advice to council tenants in need of emergency repairs.

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For a full list of repairs that the council does, click here to download our guide to maintenance responsibilities. [160KB]

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More information about repairs:

Emergency repairs

An emergency is a serious, unexpected, and sometimes dangerous situation requiring immediate action.  For your safety, please report emergencies to the Contact Centre or the council's out-of-hours emergency service on 01895 556600.  This number is available 24 hours per day, every day.  Do not report emergencies by email or through this website.

Possible emergency repairs include:

  • Complete loss of electrical power.  Before calling, check and reset your fuse box, if you have a pre-payment meter check it is in credit, and look outside for a general power cut.
  • A toilet that is blocked or cannot be flushed at all, and your home only has one toilet.
  • Severe water leaks.  Turn off your water at the stopcock, turn off your boiler and/or immersion heater then turn on all of your taps to drain the pipes.
  • Being locked out of or locked inside your home.
  • Your home is not secure, for example the front door lock is broken or a window is smashed.
  • Complete heating system failure during periods of extreme cold weather when no other form of heating is available.

Chargeable repairs

The council reserves the right to charge tenants for any repairs caused by their misuse and/or neglect of a property.  This includes deliberate or accidental damage caused by you, your family and visitors, and where the council has to do a repair that is normally your responsibility. 

Condensation and mould

The average adult produces around a pint and a half or 0.85 litres of moisture each day just by breathing and perspiration. This, and the moisture created by everyday activities such as cooking, bathing and laundry, need to be removed from the home by using heating and ventilation.  If moist air is not removed, mould can start to grow. Read our factfile on mould and moisture [104KB] within the home and what you can do to avoid it.

Who is doing your repair?

All Hillingdon Council employees wear a council uniform and carry official identity cards with their photograph. Our contractors also carry photo ID.  They should always show you their card when you answer the door.

If you are not sure who is at the door, do not let them in. Ask them to wait outside, close the door and phone the Contact Centre repairs line on 01895 556600.

Age UK Hillingdon has a list of trusted local traders to Hillingdon residents. This list is available to anyone over 60 years old or anyone over 50 with a disability.

Leaseholders and Right To Buy tenants

We have limited repair responsibilities for leaseholders and for tenants who are in the Right To Buy process.  Please refer to your lease or your Right To Buy acceptance letter for further details.

Page last updated: 15 Nov 2020