Hayes Town Centre Estate Consultation

This web page has been created to keep residents informed and provide access to important information about the redevelopment of Hayes Town Centre Estate.

If you would like us to translate information about this project into another language, please call 0800 9949323.

Information about the initial design proposals for Hayes Town Centre Estate and how these continue to be shaped by residents.
The Landlord Offer explains the council's commitments to residents and key aspects about the design proposals.
We have been consulting with residents to better understand how they feel about their home and living on the estate.
Download more information and guidance for residents and leaseholders.
Resident newsletters get delivered to all homes on the estate and provide updates on the design proposals and key information.
Download information about the compulsory purchase process associated with the proposed redevelopment of the Hayes Town Centre Estate.
Contact us if you have any questions or comments about this process.