How to apply for building control approval

There are three types of applications for building control approval: building notice, full plans and regularisation. Find out which type of application you need, and how to apply and pay.

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Full plans application

Purpose: For domestic or commercial works. Requires the submission of detailed plans and structural calculations for your proposal.

You may be liable for council tax for any building which has been constructed or adapted for use as separate living accommodation

If you engage an independent agent to draw your plans, all correspondence will normally be conducted through the agent. Once received, your plans will be checked for compliance with the building regulations. Any comments will be forwarded where necessary and an Approval Notice issued as soon as they're considered satisfactory. To avoid complications on site, you should then supply your builder with a copy of the approved plans to work from.

Work can start at any time after submitting the application, subject to giving 48 hours' notice. However you're strongly advised to wait for the plans to be passed so you're fully aware of all the requirements before work begins.

View the building control fees from 1 April 2022 (PDF) [1MB]

How to apply

Your application needs to include:

  1. a completed application form.
  2. a site location plan (1:1250 scale) and a block plan (1:500 scale).
  3. all detailed plans, sections and elevations, including all necessary technical notes, supporting calculations and specifications.
  4. a description/details of the work proposed.
  5. the appropriate fee - check the  building control fees (PDF) [1MB]

Online full plans application

We'll issue a free completion certificate when we're satisfied the work is finished and complies with the requirements of the regulations.

How to pay

Applications should be accompanied by the correct fee, which you can find in the building control fees (PDF) [1MB]document. Use our online full plans application form (link above) to submit your application and accompanying payment.

If you are paying for a submitted application, please use the below link.

Pay for a submitted full plans application

Page last updated: 04 May 2022