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Businesses that import and export goods

The transition period from Brexit ended on Thursday 31 December 2020 and the process for importing and exporting goods changed from Friday 1 January 2021.

If you are importing or exporting goods from the EU, you must check the new rules and regulations. Full details on the transition and all of the changes can be found online at

Call the Brexit Import Export helpline on 0300 3301 331 (Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm) for information about importing and exporting goods after Brexit, including:

  • customs declarations and procedures
  • duties and tariffs
  • importing and exporting different goods
  • transporting goods to and from the EU
  • product safety regulations

HMRC have created guidance videos on how to import and export goods from the UK. 


EU Transition data protection partnership pack

The government has produced a partnership pack to support communication with businesses about ensuring personal data can continue to flow lawfully.

Personal data is any information that can be used to identify a living person. This type of information is regularly used in the daily running of most businesses and organisations, and can be anything from names and addresses, to payroll data.

The partnership pack includes key messages to be used on your website and in communications and creative content for social media, websites, newsletters and blogs.

Read the partnership pack

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Page last updated: 23 Feb 2021