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A Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC) is where local agencies meet to discuss high-risk victims of domestic abuse who are living within the local area.

The primary objective of holding a MARAC is to reduce the risk of serious harm or homicide for a victim and increase the health, safety and wellbeing of victims. For information regarding the MARAC process visit the Safe Lives website.

At a MARAC, information about the risks faced by the victims is collated from a number of different agencies. Actions needed to ensure safety and resources are available locally are shared and used to create a risk management plan involving all relevant agencies.

By providing a coordinated effort from all agencies and organisations, a MARAC serves to ensure that high risk victims are listened to, supported and better protected from further abuse or repeat victimisation. 

If you are concerned about a high risk case, complete the MARAC referral form [164KB]  , scan and email to the MARAC coordinator.

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Page last updated: 03 Jan 2020