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What can the ward budget fund?

What can the ward budget fund?

The highly popular ward budget scheme gives each of the boroughs wards their own budget to spend on local projects.

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Councillor Bridges pictured with new gates for the 7th Hillingdon Air Scouts

Since commencing in September 2011, each of the 22 wards have shared a total £1.1m budget to make a difference in a local area and has given residents an opportunity to influence how their local priorities are supported.

Grants can be paid to constituted groups or organisations with a dedicated bank account but not to private individuals.

Any direct grant award must be spent within 6 months on the items agreed in the proposal and terms and conditions and proof of purchase, along with accompanying receipts must be provided.

What ward budgets can fund:

  • supporting a local scout/guides group for a specific activity
  • supporting a community event such as summer or Christmas fetes
  • repairs and renewals of community facilities
  • purchasing new street signs or furniture

Ward budgets may be used for match funding.

Ward budgets can be used for either capital or a revenue proposal, as long as this does not commit the council to future funding or maintenance.

What ward budgets cannot fund:

  • a specific individual or small group of people
  • the mainstream activities of a commercial or voluntary sector organisation
  • anything that could adversely affect the environment or community within the ward
  • retrospective applications, for example you can not purchase equipment or equivalent and then submit an application for funding

To apply for ward budget funding, contact your local ward councillor with your proposal.

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