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Unlicensed skips

You need a licence to place a skip on the public highway and you must comply with legislation requirements.

Once a licence has been granted, anyone placing skips on the highway must ensure they:

  • do not block access to any property or apparatus within the highway
  • do not reduce highway widths to an unacceptable extent or restrict visibility at junctions, accesses and crossing points
  • are fitted with lights at each corner during the hours of darkness

Skip licences are issued only to registered skip companies. This ensures skips are adequately maintained and show the details of the owner of the skip should an emergency occur.

Damage and complaints

Any damage caused to the highway will be inspected and we'll take action to recover costs for any damages. Officers will take action should the skip not have the appropriate license, or should there be any contraventions of the conditions of permission.

Any complaints about the location or safety of a skip on the public highway should be reported using the link below and one of our officers will go to the site to assess the safety of the skip and immediate area.

Report an unlit or unlicensed skip

Page last updated: 16 Jun 2021