Hillingdon Stories

Hillingdon Stories tell the history and tales of the borough through its people, buildings and natural environment. Explore the images and find out more about the fascinating past and present of Hillingdon.

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This video features photos from the centre's past, how they've been managing in lockdown and exciting plans for their future.
In this census year, Borough Curator Susan Dalloe tells the story of women in Hillingdon through census taking in the past.
A family tribute by Shafiq Zeshan Mirza.
This film was made using footage from a typical Wednesday evening in March 2018 plus images of the theatre during lockdown.
By Brian Simmons.
A short story by Brandon Butterfield
Paul's account of life in Hillingdon's first lockdown, with footage taken on a cautious walk into Botwell.
Tim's poem inspired by a walk along the Grand Union Canal, past the Nestlé factory in Hayes, featuring photos he took along the way.
See how our healthcare has changed during the last 100 years and find out about local hospitals with historical significance.
A poem inspired by a 1920s' photo album, recording the service soldiers gave to the First World War.
In 1918, the 'Representation of the People's Act' was passed to give women over the age of 30 the right to vote.
Anderson shelters were small, pre-fabricated air raid or bomb shelters, which civilians used for protection during air raid attacks.
A Halloween story, made with the help of the Friends of Cranford Country Park.
Look back at events, achievements and read interesting facts about Hillingdon's sporting history.