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All road works are approved before they can take place and a notice is created with all the road closure details. Below you can find a list of the Hillingdon road closures authorised for roadworks by the council.

Planned works

Planned start datePlanned end date                Reason                    Affected roadsNotice file
Monday 12 JulyThursday 22 JulyMains renewal worksBreakspear Road South, Ickenham View notice [43KB]
Monday 12 JulyThursday 15 JulyMains renewal worksBrampton Road, Uxbridge View notice [43KB]
Thursday 7 JulyTuesday 7 SeptemberMains renewal worksPotter Street, Northwood View notice [43KB]
Wednesday 30 JuneSaturday 3 JulyMains renewal worksReginald Road, Northwood View notice [47KB]
Tuesday 29 JuneSaturday 3 JulyMains renewal worksElgin Drive, Northwood View notice [47KB]
Wednesday 23 JuneSaturday 26 JuneMains renewal worksTownfield Road, Hayes View notice [27KB]
Tuesday 22 JuneWednesday 23 JuneRenewal worksField End Road, Ruislip View notice [47KB]
Monday 21 JuneThursday 24 JuneMains renewal worksCentral Avenue, Hayes View notice [46KB]
Sunday 20 JuneMonday 21 juneMains renewal worksNewyears Green Lane, Harefield View notice [46KB]
Tuesday 15 JuneSunday 20 JuneRepair worksBreakspear Road South, Ickenham View notice [91KB]
Monday 14 JuneTuesday 29 JuneMains renewal worksMildred Avenue, Hayes View notice [46KB]
Saturday 12 JuneMonday 14 JuneMains renewal worksGranville Road, Uxbridage View notice [46KB]
Thursday 10 JuneSaturday 26 JuneMains renewal worksTownsend Way, Northwood View notice [46KB]
Sunday 6 JuneSunday 6 JuneMains renewal worksSpringwell Lane, Harefield View notice [26KB]
Friday 4 JuneFriday 18 JuneMains renewal worksChester Road, Northwood View notice [46KB]
Friday 4 JuneTuesday 15 JuneMains renewal worksEmmanuel Road, Northwood  View notice [46KB]
Thursday 3 JuneFriday 4 JuneRenewal worksBridgewater Road, Ruislip View notice [46KB]
Wednesday 2 JuneSaturday 5 JuneMains renewal worksAddison Close, Northwood View notice [46KB]
Tuesday 1 JuneThursday 3 JuneMains renewal workKingston Avenue, West Drayton View notice [46KB]
Saturday 29 MaySunday 6 JuneMains renewal worksSycamore Avenue, Hayes View notice [46KB]
Monday 24 MayWednesday 26 MayMains renewal worksNew Windsor Street, Uxbridge View notice [73KB]
Thursday 20 MaySaturday 22 MayRepair worksVictoria Road, Ruislip Victoria Road, Ruislip - main renewal works - 20-05 to 22-05 2021 [97KB]
Wednesday 19 MayWednesday 2 JulyMains renewal worksThe Avenue, Northwood View notice [46KB]
Sunday 17 MayThursday 20 MayMains renewal worksVine Street, Uxbridge View notice [26KB]
Monday 17 MayTuesday 18 MayMains renewal worksCowley Road, Uxbridge View notice [26KB]
Saturday 15 MaySunday 16 MayMains renewal worksHigh Road, Eastcote View notice [73KB]
Tuesday 11 MayThursday 13 MayMains renewal worksRowan Place, West Drayton View notice [26KB]
Monday 10 MaySunday 16 MayMains renewal worksField End Road, Eastcote View notice [26KB]
Sunday 9 MaySunday 9 MayRenewal worksStockley Road (slip-road), West Drayton View notice [26KB]
Tuesday 4 MayTuesday 4 MayRenewal worksMasefield Lane, Hayes View notice [26KB]
Monday 3 MayThursday 6 MayRenewal worksLongmead Road, Hayes View notice [26KB]
Monday 3 MayWednesday 5 May Renewal worksFreemans Lane, Hayes View notice [26KB]
Monday 3 MayWednesday 5 May Renewal worksCycle lane on Uxbridge Road, Hayes View notice [46KB]
Wednesday 2 September 2020Ongoing for 18 monthsMains renewal workSweetcroft Lane, Uxbridge View notice [7KB]
Thursday 4 June 2020Ongoing for 18 monthsMains renewal workSharps Lane, RuislipView notice [7KB]
Thursday 4 June 2020Ongoing for 18 monthsMajor worksMidcroft, RuislipView notice [7KB]
Thursday 4 June 2020Ongoing for 18 monthsMains renewal workKingsend, RuislipView notice [7KB]
Thursday 4 June 2020Ongoing for 18 monthsMajor worksIckenham Road, RuislipView notice [7KB]
Tuesday 10 December 2019Ongoing for 18 monthsResurfacing worksRoads affected in Ruislip, Northwood, Harefield, Hayes, West Drayton and Uxbridge

View notice [14KB]

HS2 works

HS2 Ltd has postponed the 8-week closure of Breakspear Road South until the end of the summer term. 

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