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Emergency works

There are currently no emergency roadworks.

Planned works

All roadworks are approved before they can take place and a notice is created with all the road closure details. Below you can find a list of the Hillingdon road closures authorised for roadworks by the council.

Planned start datePlanned end date                Reason                    Affected roadsNotice file
Saturday 19 February 2022Monday 21 February 2022Renewal worksStanley Road, Northwood
View notice for Stanley Road [46KB]
Saturday 14 February 2022Sunday 20 February 2022Renewal worksNew Windsor Street, Uxbridge View notice for New Windsor Street [46KB]
Monday 14 February 2022Friday 28 February 2022Renewal worksR175, Ruislip

View notice for R175 [46KB]

Tuesday 8 February 2022Thursday 10 February 2022Renewal worksDollis Crescent, Ruislip
View notice for Dollis Crescent [46KB]
Friday 28 January 2022Saturday 29 January 2022Renewal works

Highfield Road, Northwood

View notice for Highfield Road [46KB]
Monday 11 October 2021Saturday 30 April 2022Renewal worksJackets Lane, Northwood
View notice for Jackets Lane [396KB]

HS2 works

HS2 Ltd has postponed the 8-week closure of Breakspear Road South until the end of the summer term. 

For updates on the HS2 project, visit

To find out the latest up-to-date information on the HS2-related roadworks and closures in your area, please visit

Transport for London (TfL) works

Search TfL for the following types of roadworks:

  • Communications
  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Highways England
  • Network Rail
  • Transport for London
  • Water

Search TfL register of roadworks

Page last updated: 24 Jan 2022