Parking charges and permits

If any of your friends, family or neighbours do not have access to our website or social media pages, please share this information with them, ensuring you follow social distancing guidelines.

parkingEmergency parking in residents parking management schemes 

To support our residents during the pandemic, we have introduced a free emergency parking permit that residents can obtain which allows them to park in the parking management scheme where they live.

This is to reflect the higher than normal number of residents' vehicles that are being parked on residential streets. Residents that do not currently have a parking permit can apply for a free emergency temporary residents parking permit by emailing their name, address, telephone number and vehicle registration number to  

All applications will be processed as a priority and a temporary resident parking code will then be issued for them to display in their vehicle. All existing resident permits that expire during the pandemic period will be honoured for up to 3 months. 

Residents that need to renew the existing permit can continue to do so in the normal manner. 

Additionally, with immediate effect, residents with permits or visitor vouchers in parking management schemes (PMSs) are permitted to park in bays and on single yellow lines within their zone and without penalty, provided that they display a permit or visitor voucher for that particular PMS and are not parked obstructively or dangerously. For example, corners of junctions, on footways, across dropped kerbs and on double yellow lines.  

We also ask residents to consider the impact of where they are parked on access needs and safety. If vehicles are parked in a dangerous or obstructive position then a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) may be issued. 

Page last updated: 29 Mar 2021