Dropped kerbs/vehicle crossings

It is illegal to drive over grass verges or pavements unless a vehicle crossing is in place. Find out information and how to apply for a vehicle crossing for business or personal use.

In this section:

Apply for a dropped kerb

The cost of crossings vary depending on size and potential obstructions, so an officer must visit the site to assess your application.

Dropped kerb exampleWe charge a £87 administration fee for all applications, which is non-refundable, even if the application is refused.

How is the application reviewed?

We'll review the viability of your proposal and an officer will mark the footpath/kerb line for assessment purposes only. You'll then be provided with a written quotation for the construction.

Note: Markings placed on the footpath/kerbline do not constitute approval of your application. Do not proceed with any works on your property (such as hardstanding/surfacing or demolition of a wall, etc) until you have received a firm quotation, returned your acceptance form and have our written permission to proceed.

Before applying, please read the domestic vehicle footway crossover policy [9MB] .

Apply online for a dropped kerb

You can also download and fill out a paper application form for dropped kerbs/vehicle crossovers [97KB] .

Note: you can request and pay for a white bar marking across the front of your dropped kerb at the same time.

Page last updated: 13 Apr 2021