Council departments

The council's chief officers, structure and service departments.

Tony Zaman
Interim Chief Executive, Corporate Director of Social Care and Health

Paul Whaymand  
Corporate Director - Finance 

  • Andy Evans 
    Deputy Director - Corporate Finance 
  • Muir Laurie  
    Deputy Director - Exchequer and Business Assurance 
  • Matthew Kelly 
    Head of Procurement and Commissioning 

Tony Zaman 
Corporate Director - Social Care and Health  

  • Sandra Taylor 
    Director - Provider and Commissioned Care 
  • Kate Kelly-Talbot 
    Director - Adult Social Work 
  • Julie Kelly 
    Director - Children's Services 
  • Alex Coman 
    Director - Safeguarding, Partnerships and Quality Assurance 
  • Vikram Hansrani 
    Director - SEND
  • Kevin Byrne 
    Head of Health and Strategic Partnerships 
  • Sharon Daye
    Director - Public Health 

Perry Scott 
Corporate Director - Infrastructure, Transport and Building Services 

  • Vacant 
    Head of Property and Estates 
  • Michael Naughton 
    Head of Capital Programme 
  • Gary Penticost 
    Head of Repairs and Engineering 
  • Poonam Pathak 
    Head of Highways 
  • Cathy Knubley 
    Head of Waste Services 
  • Louise Bateman 
    Head of ICT 
  • David Knowles 
    Head of Transportation 
  • Roy Clark 
    Head of Parking Services 
  • Nigel Sutton (Interim) 
    Head of Building Safety 

Dan Kennedy 
Corporate Director - Planning, Environment, Education and Community Services 

  • James Rodger 
    Deputy Director - Planning and Regeneration 
  • Paul Richards 
    Head of Green Spaces, Sport and Culture  
  • Vacant 
    Deputy Director - Housing 
  • Vacant 
    Deputy Director - Education 
  • Richard Dawson (interim)
    Deputy Director - Community Safety and Enforcement 

Mike Talbot 
Corporate Director - Corporate Services and Transformation  

  • Raj Alagh 
    Head of Legal Services and Borough Solicitor 
  • Lloyd White 
    Head of Democratic Services 
  • Lydia Newman
    Head of HR 
  • Emma Gilbertson 
    Head of Corporate Communications 
  • Naveed Mohammed 
    Head of Business Performance 
  • Tracey Taylor 
    Head of Business Administration 
  • Louise Forster 
    Head of Customer Access 

Page last updated: 04 Jan 2022