Dances for over-65s

Our free desi, line and tea dances are suitable for beginners, intermediate dancers and those who just want to enjoy the atmosphere. Open to residents aged 65+ (with a HillingdonFirst card) and up to 2 guests.

Tea dances

Learn various dance styles, such as the waltz, quickstep and ballroom - usually held at the Civic Centre, Winston Churchill Hall and Yiewsley and West Drayton Community Centre.

Tea dances are taking place again in the Middlesex Suite at the Civic Centre on the following dates.

Date of tea dance

Last day to book

Monday 10 October

5 October

Monday 14 November

9 November

Monday 12 December

7 December

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Desi dances

With a mixture of different dance styles, including classical Indian dance, street and jazz, our desi dance classes are energetic and lots of fun - usually held at Botwell Green Sports and Leisure Centre.

Desi dances will be taking place again at Botwell Green Sports and Leisure Centre in Hayes. Booking details will be added soon.

Date of Desi dance

Last day to book

Friday 30 September

Wednesday 28 September

Friday 28 October

Monday 24 October

Friday 25 November

Monday 21 November

Friday 16 December

Monday 12 December

Friday 27 January

Monday 23 January

Friday 24 February

Monday 20 February

Friday 31 March

Monday 27 March


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Line Dancing
Line dances

Learn different line dance routines to various types of music, including soul, rock, pop, Latin, Irish, salsa, big band, and country and western - usually held at Yiewsley and West Drayton Community Centre.

Please note: Line dances are not currently running.


Page last updated: 26 Sep 2022