Children licences

If you are putting on a show involving children or employing a school age child, find out if you need a licence or permit.

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Children's work permit

Any child age 13 to 16 undertaking a part-time job must be issued with a work permit.

What you need to know

If you are an employer it is your responsibility to notify us that you have employed a school age child. If we are satisfied with the arrangements a work permit will be issued. 

Failure to do so could result in legal proceedings.

The government has issued guidance on the restrictions on child employment

Children can work in the following settings:

  • agricultural or horticultural work
  • delivery of newspapers, journals and other printed materials
  • shop work including shelf stacking
  • hairdressing salon work
  • car washing by hand in a private residential area
  • work in a cafĂ© or restaurant
  • domestic work in hotels and other establishments offering accommodation
  • work in a riding stables (a child under 16 cannot supervise riding or be left in charge of the stables)

Children cannot work in the following settings:

  • work in a pub
  • work in a betting shop
  • personal care in a residential or nursing home
  • work in a fairground or arcade
  • milk delivery
  • any other occupation that may be harmful to the child's health, well being or education

Both employers and parents are responsible for ensuring that each child:

  • does not exceed the permitted number of working hours
  • is in a good state of health for the work they are undertaking
  • is dressed appropriately to undertake the work they are permitted to do
  • undertakes only the tasks as stated in their work permit

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Page last updated: 13 Apr 2021