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Better Neighbourhood funding

Each year we allocate £156,000 to fund improvements to council-owned land, helping to develop a living environment that residents and communities can feel proud of. This is known as Better Neighbourhood funding.

Anyone aged 18 or over is welcome to propose an improvement, including ward councillors and council officers. Parents, guardians, teachers and youth leaders are welcome to make a submission on behalf of younger people provided that the adult's contact details are submitted.  

Funding criteria

Better Neighbourhood funding is available for improvements on council-owned land, to benefit the wider community.

Your proposal must clearly demonstrate an improvement or benefit to an area of land that supports the council's objectives.  This could include proposals which support local priorities such as:

  • Gating schemes
  • Pathway improvements
  • Communal area improvements

Owen Road before Owen Road after

Above: Owen Road before and after the Better Neighbourhood fund improvements.

The proposal should be for 'one-off' revenue funding of up to £12,000 without creating any additional ongoing financial commitment from the council.

Sometimes, we may consider projects in excess of the £12,000 limit at the discretion of the cabinet member. These suggestions are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Any suggestion must have the agreement of a tenancy management team leader. Email tenancymanagement@hillingdon.gov.uk for more information.

If your suggestion is taken up, we will undertake all aspects of the project including consultation with residents, design, commissioning of contractors and inspecting the work.

The Better Neighbourhood scheme cannot fund:

  • projects placing long term and additional financial demand on the council
  • alley gating private land, highways or public rights of way
  • the installation of new playgrounds
  • converting green spaces to provide parking

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Page last updated: 03 Jan 2020