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Learn about the history behind local areas in Hillingdon or discover the make-up of your family tree.

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Ancestry Library EditionAncestry Library   

Ancestry Library is normally only available inside a Hillingdon library. Access has been temporarily expanded to allow library members remote access from home - courtesy of Proquest and its partner Ancestry.   

Select the image below to view our Ancestry Library tutorial.

If you are accessing Ancestry Library remotely, you will need to go the library's online catalogue.

Log in to your library account with your library membership number and PIN.

Once logged in, you will be able to find the link to Ancestry Library on the 'Online Library' section.

Access Ancestry Library via our online catalogue

If you are accessing Ancestry Library from inside a library, please use the link below. 

Access Ancestry Library from inside a library

British Newspaper Archive online libraryBritish Newspaper Archive

Digitised newspaper pages from the 18th century onwards.

British Newspaper Archive is available only from inside our libraries
To access the pages from the archive, you first need to register (for free) and be signed into the service. Whilst in the library, your account will have unlimited credits. If you would like any help, please ask a member of our library staff for details.

Access The British Newspaper Archive

Your membership card number and PIN

  • Your membership number is either the barcode number on your library card or the number on the back of your HillingdonFirst card.   
  • Please enter the full membership number without any spaces when using it to log in to the online resources.  
  • If the number on your library card does not have the prefix 20112, you will need to add it at the beginning when using your membership number to use the online resources.  
  • If using your HillingdonFirst card as your library membership card, it must have been activated at one of our libraries.*
  • If you haven't been an active library user in the last 2 years, you will need to contact your local library to reactivate your membership.* You can also email librarycontact@hillingdon.gov.uk to get set up online.
  • If you are unsure of your PIN, please ask a member of our library.

*You will also need to provide additional proof of your name and address.

How to join the library

Page last updated: 16 Sep 2021