Disrepair in your rental property

If repairs are not done by your landlord

If repairs are needed in your rental home, tell your landlord or housing association. 

You should:

  • tell your landlord in writing and keep copies of all letters and emails
  • take photographs of the item/s that need repairing
  • give your landlord reasonable time to carry out repairs (this will depend on the type of repair - a faulty gas boiler is urgent; a leaking tap is not)
  • make use of your housing association's complaints procedure, if the option is available

If your landlord or housing association refuses to make repairs, our housing standards team may be able to help.

The team will arrange for someone to inspect your property.

After inspection, they may:

  • contact your landlord to request essential repairs
  • serve a legal notice requiring your landlord to carry out repairs
  • arrange for repairs to be carried out and costs charged to your landlord
  • take your landlord to court

To request an inspection email privatesectorhousing@hillingdon.gov.uk. To pay a fine, use our private sector housing payment form.

Page last updated: 09 Sep 2019