Street trading

If you sell produce (including food) in the street in Hillingdon, you may require a street trading licence.

Shop front trading licence

If you wish to display goods on the pavement outside the front of your shop, you will require a licence.

What you need to know

A shop front display of goods must comprise only of goods that are sold in your shop. For shop front trading, you shall only display goods approved by the council.

The display must be on or within 7 metres of the public highway, otherwise you will require a street trading pitch licence.

The licence will be issued for a 6 month period; it is not transferable.

A copy of the licence must be displayed clearly in the window of the premises outside which trading is permitted. 

The maximum trading area depth from the shop front that can be licensed is three metres, providing that a minimum of 2 metres of public highway is kept free for safe passage and free flow of pedestrians.

A shop front trading licence authorises the display of goods. No payment or monetary exchange may take place within the licensed street trading pitch.

Only commodities sold in the shop premises can be displayed outside the premises provided they are not any of the excluded items listed below:

  • alcoholic beverages, tobacco and tobacco products
  • lottery tickets, phone cards, raffles, tombola and/or other games of chance
  • medicines, drugs and other prescribed substances
  • uncooked meat or fish
  • new and used cars and motorcycles
  • pets and livestock
  • containers of liquid petroleum gas including any which are fully or partly discharged
  • explosives including fireworks
  • goods considered by the council to pose a health and safety risk to the public

A separate street trading pitch licence shall be required in the event that a commodity that is not sold in the shop is displayed or offered for sale on the licensed street trading pitch.

Only those receptacles and containers that are suitable and fit for purpose and approved by the council shall be used by the licence holder and assistants for shop front trading or ancillary to shop front trading.

A display, receptacle, table or chair shall not be used if it is likely to damage the street.

The display or stand must be of a construction that will cause minimal damage if there is a collision.

We will permit an awning to extend up to a maximum of 30cm (12 inches) at the front of the licensed shop front pitch but no articles are to be suspended from the awning beyond the permitted area. Additionally, the placement of the awning must permit safe pass and repass by pedestrian traffic. You must provide proof of planning consent where relevant.

What we need to see

On submitting an application for a licence or registration of an assistant, the applicant may be asked to provide the following to the council:

  • 2  passport sized photographs of the licence holder with the licence holder's signature on the back
  • 2  proofs of licence holder's home address and 2 proofs of the licence holder's business premises address (these should be no older than 3 months)
  • documentary proof of the licence holder's National Insurance number
  • public liability insurance certificate
  • proof of a commercial trade waste agreement
  • risk assessment
  • proof of planning consent where necessary or evidence of planning consents stating it is not required
  • proof of ownership or other right to occupy the premises to which the application relates
  • such proof of having carried out consultation as may be required by the council
  • location and site layout plan
  • furniture appearance - sketch/photograph/manufacturer's brochure showing furniture proposed
  • premises licence (if applicable)


The street trading fees for shop front displays and tables and chairs for 12 months are:

  • 1 Metre: £561.68
  • 2 Metres: £611.68
  • 3 Metres: £661.68

Apply for a street trading licence

Apply for a street trading amendment

Apply for a temporary street trading licence

Page last updated: 13 Jul 2021