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Reporting lost or stray dogs

What to do when you find a lost dog and how we can help.

Reporting a stray or lost dog

If you have found a stray dog, try to make sure it is safely contained in order for a dog warden to be able to collect it. 

  • To report a stray dog during office hours Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm please call 03335 775 070.
  • To report a stray dog out of hours Monday to Friday between 5pm and 9am or at weekends and bank holidays please call 08444 996 063.

Calls to this number are at a standard rate for both landlines and mobiles.

Note: A finder of a stray dog is obliged to return the dog to its owner or contact the local authority, failure to do so is a criminal offence.

If you have lost your dog

If you have lost your dog, it may have been collected by our Dog Warden service or a neighbouring borough. You can check by calling in office hours 03335 775 070.

You can also contact:

  • your local veterinary surgeries
  • Battersea lost dogs and cats line on 020 7627 9245 or report it on their website
  • your local police station

Consider registering your dog with a national lost dog database, such as Doglost website

What does the law say?

By law your dog must wear a collar with your name and address inscribed on it or on a disc attached to it whenever they are outside. It is also an offence for your dog to be out of control in a public place.

Microchipping is now a statutory requirement.

We are obliged to hold the dog for a statutory period of 7 days.

Returning a dog to its owner

Upon returning a dog, if we have concerns about where and how it is being housed or if there is risk of the dog escaping due to poor fencing, we will not return the dog until these issues are resolved.

The cost of looking after the dog while this takes place will be charged to the owners.


If a dog is collected or found by our warden and it is not wearing a tag or is deemed to be out of control (by straying) the owner is committing an offence and a fine is charged. Currently, the fine is £70 (£25 statutory fine, £45 administration, callout and transportation costs).

Before a dog can be returned from kennels, the owner must call 03335 775 070 to pay for its release.

The kennels we use also charge for keeping your dog overnight or over the course of the 7 day stay. This kennelling fee will be payable at the same time as the fee or when you collect your dog. You will be notified of which at the time of your call.

Note: If the dog is not claimed within 7 days, the dog is gifted to kennels, where they will attempt to rehome it.​

Page last updated: 09 Mar 2021