Previous winners of Hillingdon in Bloom

View first place Hillingdon in Bloom winners of the past 5 competitions.

2021 winners

Best Residential Garden - first place
Best Residential Garden

  •  place
    Janet Stephenson (pictured)
  • 2nd place
    Maria José Mendonça Bello
  • 3rd place
    Josie Clarke
  • High Commended
    Mohammad Amin Baraky and Mariam Baraky

Best first-time entrant, 1st place - Krishna Kanwar
Best first-time entrant

  • st place
    Krishna Kanwar and Ashley Kanwar (pictured)
  • 2nd place
    Chandira Dissanayake
  • 3rd place
    Gerald Shankster
  • High Commended
    Clive Room, Keith Currall and Carl De Groot

Rainbow Display, 1st place - Maria Jose Medonca Bello
Rainbow Display

  • 1st place
    Maria José Mendonça Bello
  • 2nd place
    Antonia Mitchell
  • 3rd place
    Krishna Kanwar and Ashley Kanwar

Best Window Box, 1st place - David Mariott
Best Window Box

  • 1st place
    David Marriott
  • 2nd place
    Pauline Bicknell and Michael Marriott
  • 3rd place
    Sally Leeves

    Best Display, 1st place - Lyn Sutherland
    Best Display

    • 1st place
      Lyn Sutherland
    • 2nd place
      Maxine Coleman
    • 3rd place
      Maria José Mendonça Bello

    Park and Bloom, 1st place - Janet Stephenson
    Park and Bloom

    • 1st place
      Janet Stephenson
    • 2nd place
      Margaret Lee
    • 3rd place
      Lyn Sutherland

    Roome Cup, 1st place - Hayes End Library
    Roome Cup

    • 1st place
      Hayes End Library
    • High Commended
      Carl De Groot and Lyn Sutherland

    Best Hanging Basket

    • 1st place
      Sally Leeves
    • 2nd place
      Josie Clarke, Krishna Kanwar and Ashley Kanwar, and Judita Zamiskova

    Best Balcony

    • 1st  place
      Sandra Karunasinghe Herath
    • 2nd place
      Aloka Ghosh

    Best Hanging Basket, 1st place - Sally Leeves
    Best Hanging Basket, 1st place - Sally Leeves
    Best Balcony, 1st place - Sandra Karunasinghe Herath
    Best Balcony, 1st place - Sandra Karunasinghe Herath

    2019 winners

    • Best First Time Entry: Michelle Rogers - The Lodge, Taylors Meadow
    • Best Window Box: Janet Valerie Halls - Porters Way, West Drayton
    • Best Tree Pit: Giovanni - Ickenham Road, Ruislip
    • Greening the Grey: Hayes End Library - Community Gardening Group
    • Best Blooming Business: The Woodman, Breakspear Road
    • Best Community Project / Residential Street: John and Janet - Bond Close, Yiewsley
    • Best School Project / Display: Nicola Grieve and team - Pield Heath House School
    • Best Hanging Basket: Maria Jose Mendonca Bello - Ryefield Avenue, Hillingdon
    • Best Novelty Display: Janet Valerie Halls - Porters Way, West Drayton
    • Roome Cup: Shan and Phillip Baker - Myddleton Road
    • Best Residential Garden: Maria Hernandez Humm - Bellevue Terrace, Harefield
    • Judges' Choice: Yeading Library Community Gardening Group

    2018 winners

    • Best Balcony: Wendy Rice-Morley - Sanctuary Close, Harefield
    • Best Blooming Business: Stephen Banks - The Woodman, Breakspear Road
    • Best Residential Street: Janet Whightman - Bond Close, Yiewsley
    • Best Hanging Basket: Shan Baker - Myddleton Road, Uxbridge
    • Best Display: Janet Whightman - Bond Close, Yiewsley
    • First Fime Entry: Jasbir Singh Atwal - Shepiston Lane, Hayes
    • Greening Grey Britain for Wildlife: John Jones - The Chestnuts
    • Roome Cup: Hayes Park School
    • Best Tree Pit: Giovanni and Filomena Ferrara - Hair by Giovanni, Ruislip
    • Best School Project: Yeading infants and Nursery School, Hayes
    • Best Window Box: Michael James Marriott - Whiteheath Avenue, Uxbridge
    • Best Residential Garden: Maria Jose Mendonca Bello - Ryefield Avenue, Hillingdon

    2017 winners

    • Best Blooming Business: Andrew Johnson - The Old Orchard, Harefield
    • Best Community Project, Residential Street: Janet Wightman - Bond Close, West Drayton
    • Best Hanging Basket: Marilyn Lindsay - Violet Avenue, Yiewsley
    • Best Display, including novelty display: Lynn Ronayne-Belhadj  - Hercies Road, Hillingdon
    • First Time Entry: Nina Terry - Adelphi Way, Hayes
    • Greening Grey Britain for Wildlife: Lynn Farhall - Manor Farm Bowls Club, Ruislip
    • Roome Cup: Janice Brown - Grange Park Junior School
    • Best School Project Display: Christine Hind -f Hayes Park School
    • Best Window Box: Janet Valerie Halls - Porters Way, West Drayton
    • Best Residential Garden: Maria Bello Mendonca - Ryefield Avenue, Hillingdon

    2016 winners

    • Best Residential Garden: Rita Maughan    
    • Best Hanging Basket: Jacqueline Jones    
    • Best First Time Entrant: Maureen Lacey                   
    • Roome Cup: Shan Baker   
    • Best Window Box: David Marriott                
    • Best Display: Jean Pye        
    • Best Balcony: Peter Mitchell  
    • Best School Project: Yeading Infants and Nursery
    • Best Blooming Business: The Old Orchard, Harefield
    • Best Street Community: Cedars Drive 
    • Best Community Garden: The Chestnuts
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