Anti-social behaviour

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Community trigger

The community trigger gives residents who have persistently reported problems of anti-social behaviour the right to request a review of their case, where they feel their complaints have not been properly addressed.

When to use a community trigger

You can use the community trigger if:

  1. you have reported anti-social behaviour (ASB) to the council, police and/or registered housing provider three times (each made within one month of the ASB taking place) in the last 6 months.
  2. no action has been taken or you feel the action taken was inadequate.
  3. your case has been closed. (If your case is still open you must wait for the outcome).

Are there cases that cannot be considered for a community trigger?

Yes, we will not consider a community trigger if;

  • you do not meet the criteria above
  • it is clear that reports of anti-social behaviour has been made so recently that an organisation has not had a reasonable amount of time to act on the reports
  • you have already used, or are in the middle of using, an existing complaints procedure about any of the organisations involved in your case
  • the reports or request for a community trigger are vexatious, malicious or unreasonable
  • the reports or request for a community trigger are made anonymously.

How to request a community trigger

If you have read the sections above and think you qualify for activating the community trigger, please complete and submit the online form below. Within the form you will need to give the following details:

  • dates of each time you've complained to the relevant organisation (a minimum of 3 times);
  • details of where you complained (name and organisation) and the reference number for each complaint; and
  • detailed information about the anti-social behaviour and how it affects you.

Submit a community trigger form

What to expect

Once you have submitted the form, a decision will be made about whether this could fall within the remit of the community trigger from the information you have given. If it is decided that it could fall within the remit of the community trigger, we will ask the agencies involved to provide details of your complaints and actions that they have considered and taken.

If, after obtaining this information, this still meets the criteria for a community trigger, a meeting will take place between the appropriate agencies involved to discuss the anti-social behaviour and any actions that have already been considered and taken. The group will review the response and make recommendations on further action that should be taken and which agency should take it.

We will acknowledge your request for a community trigger and you will then be updated at each stage as your request is progressed.

Community trigger operating procedure chart - 2021 (PDF) [122KB]

Data relating to community trigger reviews - 2019 and 2020 (PDF) [266KB]

Data relating to community trigger reviews - 2018 (PDF) [147KB] 

Page last updated: 15 Aug 2022