Discounts, exemptions and coronavirus hardship fund

Council Tax Discretionary Hardship Fund

The government announced in the Budget on 11 March that it would provide local authorities in England with £500 million of new grant funding to support economically vulnerable people and households in their local area.

To those in receipt of council tax reduction, we will award a one-off payment of up to £150. From 1 April 2021, the payment will be £75.

Awards are strictly cash limited and will only be made so long as funds are available and not exhausted in full. After this, no further awards will be granted.

Any remaining balance after these payments have been awarded will be allocated to the Coronavirus Discretionary Hardship Fund.

Existing council tax reduction claims

Residents who claim council tax reduction do not need to apply for this one-off award; it will be credited to the council tax account and a revised council tax bill will be issued to the liable parties in the coming weeks. 

New claims for Council Tax Reduction

If you're a Hillingdon resident whose income has been reduced as a result of the coronavirus and are finding it difficult to pay your council tax, you may qualify for Council Tax Reduction - this will be assessed if you claim via Universal Credit or directly claim Council Tax Reduction.

Claim for Coronavirus Discretionary Hardship Fund 

The maximum award will be a reduction of up to £150. Awards will only be made while funds remain. Only one application can be made per household. Assistance for rent or mortgage payments will not be available from this scheme.

Note: From 1 April 2021, the payment will be £75.

You can request assistance if:

  • you are experiencing exceptional financial hardship as a result of the coronavirus 
  • you are living in Hillingdon and are liable for council tax or are the partner of the liable person
  • you have claimed all benefits and government support available to you

Apply now

In line with government guidance on social distancing, we will only permit face to face contact in very exceptional circumstances.

Note: Awards are strictly cash limited and will only be made while funds are available. 

We will send you a letter detailing our decision and payment will be granted as an automatic reduction of council tax.

If you have any questions, please email  

Page last updated: 03 Mar 2021