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BorrowBox logoBorrowBox

  • ‚ÄčOnce you have installed the app on your device, search for Hillingdon Libraries in the 'Library' field provided; then login using your membership number and PIN.
  • Your membership number can be found on your HillingdonFirst or Library card (without any spaces). 

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Britannica Library - Adult logoBritannica library - Adult

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Britannica Library - Student logoBritannica library - Junior

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Britannica Library - Student logoBritannica library - Student

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KidSpeak logoKidSpeak

  • ‚ÄčKidSpeak is available directly through Transparent Language Online and can be used on a computer, laptop, or tablet.
  • To access KidSpeak, select 1 of 3 current languages available, then click on 'KidSpeak' on the menu bar to launch the module.

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PressReader logoPressreader

  • Install the PressReader IOS or Android app from your app store or visit using any browser.
  • Select the library card login option, then choose London Borough of Hillingdon from the list of libraries and enter your library card number or HillingdonFirst Card number (without any spaces) and your PIN.
  • This will give you unlimited access for 30 days - after which time, you will need to reactivate your access by logging back in again.
  • If you have successfully logged in, you should see a green coffee cup on the bottom right corner and the message 'This publication is brought to you by London Borough of Hillingdon' will appear on the screen when you request to download a publication.

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RB Digital logoRB Digital

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Universal Class logoUniversal Class

Once you've registered:

  • you can enrol in up to 5 courses
  • you have up to 6 months to finish each course
  • you have access to your course 24/7 via the internet
  • attend class and do assignments on your schedule

Each course has a real instructor who you may communicate with using email. These are non-credit courses and are provided for your personal development. These courses are not intended to be a substitute for any state, government, licensing, or educational requirements.

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Transparent Language Online logoTransparent language online 

Before you can use the app, you will need to activate it with a special code.

To do this:

  • from your computer, log into Transparent Language Online and click on the 'Go Mobile' button on the homepage. Credentials to sign to the application will appear on a pop-up page.
  • Download the app for your device.
  • Launch app and enter username.

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Ziptales logoZiptales

  • Use your library card barcode number.

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Your membership card number and PIN

  • If using your HillingdonFirst card as your library membership card, it must have been activated at one of our libraries.*
  • If you haven't been an active library user in the last 2 years, you will need to contact your local library to reactivate your membership.*
  • If you are unsure of your PIN, please ask a member of our library.

*You will also need to provide additional proof of your name and address.

How to join the library

Page last updated: 12 Mar 2020