Respite for carers

If you are caring for someone, you may find it difficult to get time for yourself.

 Respite is the term used to provide short-term, replacement care and support for the person that you care for, so that you can take a break from your caring role.

We work with a number of organisations to provide a range of services for you, and the person you care for.

These include:

  • a few hours of support in your own home
  • social clubs and groups
  • drop-in centres
  • holiday clubs
  • activities within the community
  • short-term residential care

How do I access respite services?

If the person you care for has a needs assessment, your contribution as a carer should be considered. There will be an allocation made to the personal budgets for respite care.

The person in care may choose to make this provision available to the carer through a direct payment, which can be spent on replacement care through our social care directory.

If you have a combined or a carers assessment, respite support options will be discussed with you.

If the person you care for does not receive any direct support from us (for example, if they are funding their own care and support), you may be able to obtain support from The Hillingdon Carers Partnership directly.

Page last updated: 01 Jul 2021