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Cycling to Ruislip Lido

Car parking at Ruislip Lido is limited therefore why not consider cycling there instead?

Led cycle rides  - for what's on

Cycle access

Ruislip Lido is easily accessible by cycling via accesses on Reservoir Road. The road network surrounding the Lido is a combination of off road routes and quieter residential roads. There are some busier roads around the Lido but routes are available that limit the amount of riding on these. Cycle Routes to the Lido from your start point can be recommended through the Transport for London journey planner tool for cycling which generates an easy, moderate and fast route to tailor to riding ability.

Cycling and public transport

If you feel it is a little too far to cycle all the way to and from Ruislip Lido why not combine cycling with public transport. A large number of stations in the surrounding area allow bikes to travel on trains outside of 7.30am to 9.30am and 4pm to 7pm on a weekday.

The closet London Underground Station to the Lido is Ruislip served by the Metropolitan and Piccadilly lines. Cycle access from this station to the Lido is around 15 to 20 minutes. Two route options from Ruislip Station, as taken from the Transport for London journey planner, are provided below:

  • Easy: leave Ruislip Station, left onto Pembroke Road, right onto Ruislip High Street, right at the roundabout and onto St Martin's Approach, left onto Park Avenue, across to Marlborough Avenue, right onto Howlett's Lane, left onto Breakspear Road, left onto Bury Street and left into Reservoir Road.
  • Fast: leave Ruislip Station, left onto Pembroke Road, right onto Ruislip High Street, across the roundabout onto Bury Street and right into Reservoir Road. 

Cycling in the Lido

Cycling in the Lido is not restricted but you are asked to cycle with care and attention and consideration for other users particular, during the summer months when the Lido is particularly busy. Cyclists are advised if an area is too busy that pedal cycles should be dismounted and pushed through the Lido. 

Note: The council retains the right to ask those cycling through the Lido to dismount and restrict cycling in the Lido at any point and without notice.

Cycle parking

An area of cycle parking is provided close to the Woodland Centre and Cafe. Pedal cycles can be secured to the Sheffield stands whilst enjoying the many activities at the Lido. 

Need more confidence?

If you would like to consider cycling to Ruislip Lido but don't yet feel confident enough? Why not sign up for the one of the council's free adult cycle training sessions or come along to one of the guided cycle rides that are on offer.

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