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Your 2018/19 council tax explained

An online key at the top right on your bill gives you access to your council tax account, to set up or amend your Direct Debit and/or request paperless bills.  
Your annual bill for 2018/19 was based on the position on the council tax records on 23 February 2018.
If you have contacted the council tax team just before 23 February 2018 or since then, it will  not have been possible to update the records prior to the annual bill being produced. The council will update the council tax records and you will receive an amended bill.
The council tax for 2018/19 consists of three elements:

  • Hillingdon Council element. This remains the same as last year.
  • the Greater London Authority precept. This has increased by 5.1 percent.
  • adult social care precept. Hillingdon Council is not charging a precept to fund adult social care.

The net result of this is that your council tax bill will have increased overall by 1 percent as a result of the Greater London Authority precept, which is used to fund services such as policing and the Fire Brigade.
Your bill will detail the charge for the period based on the band of your property and any discount or reduction you may be entitled to.
There is also a memorandum line to show the position at 23 February 2018 of any outstanding payments for the previous year.
At the bottom of your bill there is information with regard to payment instructions. If your bill states instalments to be paid by Direct Debit, you do not need to do anything as the Direct Debit instruction is already in place.

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