Select Committees

The committees

This essential part of the council's democratic arrangements allows councillors (who are not in the Cabinet) to monitor local services, formulate policy proposals and scrutinise decisions.

Hillingdon's select committees have a vital responsibility in monitoring council and other public services in Hillingdon, influencing policy and engaging residents and local organisations in this important work.

Over the years, committees have undertaken successful in-depth reviews of local services and issues. This has resulted in improvements in council services, with some review findings also impacting policy at a national level. Such committees engage councillors (not in the Cabinet) in a wide range of council activity and make recommendations to the decision-making Cabinet.

Four select committees have the role of monitoring and reviewing council services and influencing policy on these to the Cabinet. Further information on the remit of each of these committees can be found below:

Councillors on these committees can also exercise the statutory 'call-in' power, following any Cabinet or Cabinet Member decision made. A valid call-in request enables such a decision to be put on hold before it can be implemented and then considered at a meeting of a Select Committee. A majority of councillors on the relevant select committee is required for a valid call-in to be received.

The Families, Health & Wellbeing Select Committee also oversees the Council's corporate parenting role, integrating oversight of this important responsibility directly into the council's governance arrangements. It has established a Corporate Parenting Panel with children in care and care leavers attending, along with other stakeholders, to assist it in effectively discharging this role.

Chairmen of these Committees may establish a Task and Finish Review Panel to undertake a focused review within a particular committee's remit, or a cross-cutting review that covers the remit of more than one committee.

A fifth select committee has an external mandate and is responsible for scrutinising the work of local public bodies. This includes the NHS and Police with a statutory responsibility to hold them to account on behalf of residents. This Committee may establish a Task and Finish Select Panel to undertake more focused scrutiny activity. For more about this committee, visit here:

Page last updated: 25 May 2021