Parking waivers

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Applying for a parking waiver

Applying for a parking waiver

If you require a parking waiver, you'll need to submit a completed parking waiver application form within the minimum notice period.

Apply for a parking waiver

We'll send you a confirmation email when we've approved the waiver. Please keep this email safe as it'll have details of the waiver and phone numbers you might need if an unauthorised vehicle parks in the area.

Notice period

In most cases, we require 5 full working days notice to process your application. For example, for an application received before midday on a Monday the waiver would be valid on/from the following Monday.

A longer notice period of 7 full working days is required if you're applying for:

  • filming
  • public events 

For example, for an application received before midday on a Monday the waiver would be valid on/from the following Wednesday.

Please note:

  • bank holidays and weekends are not counted as working days
  • we do not accept applications over the phone
  • we cannot guarantee your request for a parking waiver will always be granted

Using your parking waiver

A parking waiver is non-transferable and only valid for the location and specific purpose it was issued for. 

The activity for which a parking waiver is issued must be taking place in order for it to be valid. A civil enforcement officer will be able to check its validity.

Even if you hold a valid parking waiver, you're still obliged to follow the instructions of a civil enforcement officer or a police officer. They may ask you to move in order to ensure the free flow of traffic.

Page last updated: 17 Jun 2020